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Voice notifications

Voice notifications

SMS Traffic offers a new service - Voice messaging

Voice messaging is sending of a voice file to the subscriber's number. When the message is received, the subscriber receives an incoming call to their mobile or landline phone.

You can set up:

  • Delayed sending: hours, days, weeks, week-days, days off, custom intervals.
  • Minimal and maximum time of voice message listening.
  • Number of dialing attempts, time between attempts, total time of voice message listening and much more.

We offer you:

  • Database of sound file samples and a user-friendly file manager.
  • Possibility of text-to-speech conversion with automatic declension of numerals.
  • Test mode.
  • Detailed reporting, statistics, billing and confidentiality system.
  • Personal manager.

Unique service:

  • Set up of sender name (incoming phone number) for voice messaging.
  • Possibility of subscriber feedback while listening to a voice message, i. e. the subscriber can enter a number, codes, pass through electronic secretaries, contact the required staff, departments and services.
  • Fax sending while listening to a voice message.
  • Possibility of recording the subscriber's response or actions based on phone keys pressed.
  • Possibility of simultaneous calls to several numbers of the subscriber with call switching to the first responding number or reaching all numbers.
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