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Sms notification
Sms notification
Sending messages is an effective way of marketing communications with the consumer through a mobile phone
from 2 000 rub.
Mobile advertising
Mobile advertising
Effective and economically feasible tool for obtaining direct targeted contact with target audiences
  • SMS messaging and client notifications (your company news, event alerts, notifications about new products or discounts, etc.)
    SMS Traffic offers services of information delivery to mobile phones by means of SMS technology. SMS Traffic offers a robust SMS channel for sending text messages, Flash SMS and WAP Push messages via Internet. After entering into an agreement and paying for the service, every corporate customer is granted access to a secure area at smstraffic.ru
  • Incoming SMS number
    SMS Traffic offers the system of receiving SMS messages from your employees or clients (incoming number) via Internet. This service enables you to receive SMS messages (or replies) from your subscribers. They will send you SMS messages, and you will be able to receive them to your E-mail address, your web application, or read them online.
  • SMS banking
    SMS Traffic.ru offers a solution for SMS banking. Today, many banks introduce a new service for their clients called “SMS banking”. SMS banking is a remote banking service via mobile phones. Upon each money withdrawal operation with a card account (purchase using a card, cash withdrawal in an ATM), the client connected to the SMS Bank system receives an SMS message with information on the transaction. Such SMS message usually includes the charged amount, part of the credit card number, date, time, and place of the transaction (shop or ATM location). SMS Traffic offers banks and financial institutions an SMS channel (for sending and receiving of SMS messages) for their SMS Bank system.
  • Prompt notification of company employees
    Each more or less large company faces a problem of real-time communication with its employees. Some part of employees is always away. Drivers, for example, spend most of their working time out of office, managers meet clients, directors hold meetings. If there is an urgent need to get in touch with a driver or to communicate important information to a manager or director, the company has to call their mobile phones. But mobile devices can be temporarily unavailable or blocked, and in such cases it may take half a day to get the required information to the right person. All these issues can be easily solved by connecting to the “SMS employee” system.
  • Voice messaging
    The mechanism is simple. In order to notify your clients about new offers or events, remind them about something, inform them about their status, you only need to fill in our special form. After that, your clients will receive all necessary information to their mobile phones in the form of an incoming call.
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