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E-mail Mailings

E-mail Mailings

E-mail mailings are the most widely-used type of digital communications:

  • Affordable, catchy and intelligible communication
  • Unlimited possibilities of personalization
  • Transparent and accurate methods of performance evaluation
  • Low cost of contact
  • Possibility of immediate response for the client (following a link)

We offer the whole range of E-mail mailing services:

  • Task analysis and recommendations as to the meaning, nature and type of message
  • E-mail template design and layout
  • Preparation, cleaning, and verification of recepient database
  • Personalization (any number and type of placeholders in the message, easy integration with third-party IT systems, if necessary)
  • Sending of virtually any number of messages
  • Collection of statistics, result analysis, performance improvement recommendations

Reporting capabilities:

  • Number of messages opened by recipients
  • Number of link clicks from the message
  • Number of opt-out requests
  • Number of messages sent

Management capabilities:

  • Collection and storage of information about all mailings to a particular recipient and their results
  • Limitation of mailing time period
  • Possibility of editing main message fields (sender, subject, etc.)
  • Possibility of limiting the maximum number or frequency of message sending per mailing/project/recipient
  • Obligatory testing of message display in main mail clients
  • Verification of letter not getting into spam
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