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Incoming SMS Number

Incoming SMS Number

SMS Traffic will help you implement receiving of SMS messages from your employees or clients (incoming number).

This service allows receiving SMS messages (or replies) from your subscribers. Your clients will send their messages in the SMS format, and you will be able to receive them to your E-mail, application (script) or manually review them at our website.

A special incoming number is allocated for receiving SMS messages. Message sending and receiving is carried out via an SMS center, which provides a robust and fast communication channel.

There are two types of incoming numbers:

  1. Unique number. You are allocated a special unique number, and all incoming messages are forwarded to you via Internet.
  2. Shared number. You are allocated a number shared with other customers. Your subscribers will need to enter a special code at the beginning of SMS (for example, your login), and only relevant SMS messages will be sent to you.

The incoming number can be set as message “sender” for your outgoing SMS messages. In this case, the subscriber can simply reply to the received SMS message.

The incoming number is in an international format (for example, +7903XXXXXXX), so it can receive SMS messages from subscribers of almost all global operators.

This service is based on special hardware at the SMS center (not a “phone” connected to the computer). This allows receiving more than 10 SMS/sec and routing messages according to the specified rules.

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